Sunday, March 2, 2014

Updates here and there and a life in the process of changing...

Hi All - Yes! Still on the planet. Lots going on with the ranch and I've been scarce on Facebook and social media for a long time.

I'm still debating if Facebook will remain a priority with day-to-day stuff or keep it managed with posts once a week or so to have me manage my profile and posting and not to be idly posting every thought without some structure to it all. I just can't see having a running stream of thought coming from me without purpose beyond constant appearances for appearances sake... Call me old-fashioned, but communications has to have structure and a REASON to be valuable. The ability to post just to post is something I find to be... well... wasteful and without value. I think I'll just switch to set days to post and respond to things on Facebook - perhaps twice a week, and see how that goes. Remember the old days of writing letters (actually writing ON PAPER) and how you had to plan what you were going to write? I think that is the way to really communicate ;>) Ok Facebook - I'll give that a go and see how it works.

 I've noted that other friends of mine are coming to similar conclusions and are looking at the world with new eyes. It's funny... I find myself watching videos of sailing cruisers - you know, the kind that one or two people get into and go cruising off into the great deserts of the ocean. They are totally responsible for themselves and have to know how to handle EVERYTHING on their own and have a close-knit family of friends and community who help one another in need, but who separate off to explore their own souls in the depths of the ocean's grasp and then come together again to share stories and spend time together again and again. Life on shore can be the same, with a soul needing time to transform and re-prioritize things.

I'm finding "things" to be burdensome and am looking at what I really want and need in life. Dad's been gone two years now and it is now getting to a point where a lot of physical things are going by the wayside and the emphasis is now on mobility and paying attention to what is really wanted and needed versus just having things to "have them". And yes, having lost a parent has been much more difficult than I had thought. Mourning a loss is difficult and to get past it and back into life has taken a lot of work. I know damned well that is why I've been so spotty in staying on task with the mediumship and being a "personality". I wish you could just flip a switch and feel like talking again, but it doesn't work that way... you work through your challenges and your own soul to find direction and for everyone, that is a different thing. I'll say this, I feel I've come to terms with it all. And having had close friends and some family there has made all the difference.

My radio show is basically on hiatus as I sort through a laundry list of things that need changing in life and I've been focused on what needs to happen for little ol' me. And no, I have not forgotten mediumship. In fact, it seems to be chasing me these days with some very strange dreams and I'm actually having a rebound effect from it all. Let's just say the Spirit world and I are having one interesting dialog these days and I'm writing a bunch on these topics in my journal and have been looking at my options for being of assistance to the Other Side in new ways. Personal one-on-one readings are one possibility and I'm getting my practice in on that note.

Yes, I miss all of my friends. Don't think just because I've gone walkabout on you that I don't think of you, because I can't help BUT to think of friends. Just remember the times in life that you had to dive deep to take care big changes to your world and you'll know why I'm off the air so-to-speak.

I have been having a life however. I passed my ham radio tech-class exam and am now a regular on 2-meter radio in my area and am setting my sights on 10-meter for long distance contacts and taking my general-class exam in April. Why ham radio? I suppose it is because it was something I always wanted to try out and it has become something to bring into my world for purposes of practicality and also to expand my electronics knowledge. I've been tossing over another item to learn - flight school. It is expensive and I'm still weighing in on getting my sport pilot license. This will take some time. In the meantime, I'm studying flight training guides and FAA rules just to learn how it all works.

Paranormal work. Yes... GRI will be back into something of a working group, but it will be for going to sites and places of interest and not to "prove" that the paranormal is real. I already KNOW it is real and have no need to debate skeptics or try to show-off. Paranormal work has to have *purpose* to it and that purpose needs to be something like helping someone(s) in need or to illuminate a story long-lost of perhaps even to satisfy some urging from the Other Side for reasons yet to be determined. I'm thinking of rustling up the old gang for a mission soon and we'll see who wants to come along.

Weight loss - It has been constant and I'm holding at around 27 pounds off and am aiming to take off another 30 to 40 pounds. This is all about improved health and getting my life under control in the physical sense. I'm on the Fast Metabolism diet and it is proving to be a great diet to be on. It is ANYTHING but fast! My biggest challenges are to avoid bread and stick to the plan, but I'm betting I'll be in my goal weight range by Fall of this year and I'm excited to have taken charge of my physical self for the first time in years.

The drought in California MAY be breaking, but I've been putting effort into getting the property fire ready and having defense lines in place along with hoses all in the right spots. It is work to be tackling it alone, but I'm on the right track and managed to knock out the big brush piles and to get the western side of the ranch somewhat more risk-free if something does come our way.

I've updated the metal detecting gear to match my interests and am planning on a big year with that. Beaches - I want to spend more time near water and to take beautiful pictures of things that inspire the heart. Outfitting the truck for more missions for land-cruising, metal detecting, camping and plain-old rubbernecking at beautiful places and meeting neat people as well as paranormal scouting missions and testing new ideas with EVP technology and the like.

I *promise* to post more stuff here and to keep my friends up to date with what is happening. I got my @ss kicked by an old friend who demanded to know why the hell I haven't been posting, so I decided that this was the best way to proceed ;>) I'll pop on Facebook on Sundays and Wednesdays to start and we'll see how that works for the future ;>)

73s and 88s to all (Ham lingo - meaning, in so many words: I love you guys too)!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Late October Happenings

The end of Facebook and I

I'm leaving Facebook to concentrate more on productive interests, including more Mediumship time and being *actually* productive rather than blowing 2 or more hours per day on a site that has become increasingly divisive and, to be blunt, hostile, rather than a positive and affirming force for good in the world. 

A good article as to why quitting Facebook is a good idea is found here at Mashable.

If I do leave a Facebook presence, it will point solely to my Google Plus presence, my personal web site and nowhere else. For now, my presence is no more on Facebook and it will be like quitting cold-turkey.

So... I'm going to post periodically on Google Plus. My read is that it seems to be a more friendly location and I'll be posting mostly mediumship and spiritual content there. 


So, now that I'm done with a distracting site that provides no real or balanced value in life, I'm glad to report we did our first mediumship night here at my home and it went really nicely. So we're going to do it again in November and then I'll start slowly getting into radio again. We'll start with some podcasts to get back into the game, but to evolve back to where we read again online. I'm glad to be following my heart and enjoying myself again in all of this while passing on messages and love from the Other Side... And *that* is the key to success in Mediumship.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shadows of Dad

You know something? Mediums are no more immune to grief than anyone else.

Dad in the 1950s in the U.S. Army
at a missile museum in New Mexico
I really thought that, with my knowledge of the Other Side and the amazing experiences I had seen with my own eyes and the undeniable good (and bad) of the cases I've worked and people I've read for and never thought I'd find myself wrestling the battle I found myself fighting after my father passed on.

In early 2011, Dad's seizures and stroke symptoms took a dramatic turns for the worse after a TIA (trans-ischemic attack). The madness took hold and only released in November of that year when we finally worked out a medicine load that worked well enough to bring him back to near normal.

Dad's state of mind returned well enough at the end of his life to a point where we really got some things said that needed to be said before his passing in late February. Our family started experiencing a major uptick in the amount of spiritual activity surrounding Dad and it was a shocking thing towards January and through February when we saw so many spirits and had so many encounters and personal events that it was not even a matter we commented on many times to one another because it was just "everyday" to us. It was mentioned in passing as if it was another person who had come to visit and elicited no real emotions other than the occasional raised eyebrow.

After Dad passed, I decided to try taking some time off and to relax and go through the process of grieving. The first few months came and went and I focused hard on my work and to just support Mom through her own grief and work through it all. I figured that one year on, it would be something we could get past and then to go on with normal life as we had before, minus a key figure in our family. I had seen Dad after his passing and we had more than enough experiences of him being home and visiting us afterwards to *know* he was Ok on the Other Side, but it was one of those things to feel him around and know that his Spirit was fine, but quite another to look up and see his earthly remains in a little bell jar that was all that was left of him.

I'll admit, I even kept his old hair brush because it had his hair in it and that was some of the last bodily evidence of his existence that existed. I know that sounds kind of strange, but it brought me a level of comfort to know a piece of "him" as he once was still was there, even if only a few strands of hair. Silly. Even laughable. But I know many of you who lost someone you totally love would do *anything* to hold onto them and it is only to make yourself come to terms with their loss.

I tried and tried to summon my mediumship up again and for awhile, it worked. But me being a man, as I am, I realized I needed to silence myself for a time. We like the man-cave when we are hurting and I retreated to figure things out. Reading other people became difficult and it was something that I just recoiled at after a time.

In fact, I spent many months, up to the current day, shunning the microphone. I had some strong emotions regarding other mediums who were pushing me to leave the field and I reacted with predictable male pride at that push. In fact, I have to admit it shocked me. And I took it very hard.

I tried once again to summon my mediumship, as if it was something I could control, but forgot my guides have the keys to that and I received the very clear communication that I needed to get over my grief first. It didn't surprise me much. My guides never really pull their punches and they are truthful to a fault. I knew, down deep they were right and that when the right time was to come, I'd be back and not one second earlier.

Tides are interesting to me. They start small and then as the influence of the sun and moon take their toll on the waters direction, the small movements become a force to contend with. Such has been the direction recently. Small things have been happening. Little spontaneous readings have been coming my way and I've found myself on-the-spot, helping folks who really need comfort for the loss of their loved ones. One case in-particular came about after someone died in a terrible airplane accident and I found the spirit of that person reaching out for their loved one.

I found myself reading people who really needed it, in person and in a number of cases at odd intervals and situations that demanded it. Rather than returning to radio right off the bat, I was being asked to read people in person and these readings seemed to be happening to people who really needed it in-person and for cases where a loved-one had recently passed or serious after-death issues were not resolved and people somehow were finding their way to me. It was strange to me, because these readings were spontaneous and off the cuff.

And the odd thing was that when I tried to think I was ready for the microphone again, I would search myself and my spirit literally wants to run from it all. It is the strangest thing to want to read and yet for an experienced medium to turn away, unwillingly.

I talked with a very dear friend about it all yesterday and wanted to find out how to overcome it all. I realized, after some introspection after talking with her, that I was still grieving. And that I was seeing in those I read, the face of my father and recalling the pain I felt  as I experienced their grief and identified with it.

That was a really deep realization for me. I must not be the first medium to encounter this battle. And I hope to meet a few who can talk about their own struggles with going on with their practices after losing someone who they deeply love. This has got to be a recurring theme out there and one wonders how many left the practice of this wonderful thing because the pain affected them so much that they couldn't read.

I woke up last night and realized all of this. Two hours of me thinking it through made me understand why I have not been able to read. And my friend helped me to see the truth of things after some heart-to-heart discussion.

You cannot run from your pain. And for a medium to escape their own internal struggles and heartache by refusing to read is understandable, for a time. But after awhile, it is selfish and works against you. It becomes a crutch and a bad habit. And for my father's sake, I'm sure he is sitting there looking at me and telling me to get off my ass and get back to work.

As I've considered that, I can only say my father owes me one. His constant derision of mediumship in Life (often just to get my goat) had me telling him more than once that he needed to tell me that I was right when he crossed over and I've been waiting for that message for some time. Dad... in return for me getting back into the game, you owe me. And you'd better get off your ass and let me know, in-person, just how right I was.

I'm set in the near future to be a guest medium aboard a ship that is haunted and filled with the spirits of men and women who served our nation. I do the work there because of how much I love and respect them for what they did for our country.

And so I'm practicing again and opening up to Spirits and getting back into the game. It makes no sense to continue running, once you realize the reasons why you ran in the first place. Perhaps, this is what that other medium who told me to work in a museum, was getting at. Either do the work, or don't. There are no half-measures when doing this work. It is a high calling and helping people realize that their loved ones continue on after death is truly Spiritual and loving.

You owe me one Dad. And for my very perceptive friend who made me stop and think it through... thank you...

Back to nightly meditations and going out there and diving back into the deep end of the Other Side.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mediumship, museums and confidence.

Summer is winding down here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. I've been putting my total efforts into the ranch and repairs that crept up on us during the time of my father's illness and passing in 2012.

Some things take precedence and getting the place up to snuff after being neglected for so long was the order of the day. So... mediumship and paranormal subjects gave way for plumbing, electrical and cleanup. While we are not done by a long-shot, we are getting there. Automated watering systems, electrical system fixes and a massive amount of plumbing fixes and improvements have seen the overall health of the place improve. The garden is up and running and fence work and mending all were hallmarks of the past year.

So, when Fall officially ticks over here in a week or so, I'm going to return to the air and doing my show once again. I've missed the Blogtalkradio folks and the community. While I did a few shows this year, I recall one in particular that made me question whether I should be doing mediumship at all. That show featured a well-known medium who read me and the outcome of the reading made me stop short and re-examine the entire basis of my work. I was one of two mediums on the air at the time and I took advantage of a lull in the calls to the show to ask for a reading myself. What I got was the surprise of the evening.

In the reading, she said, because of my history with technology and aircraft, that I and the community in general would be better served if I worked in a museum. I'll admit, I came out of that show really deeply upset and took time during this necessary hiatus to examine the question that left me wondering if I *really* was a medium.

When I started doing this work in 2008, I was exploring the entire question of life after death and I was doing paranormal work in the field with a huge number of field cases and eventually found myself gravitating to my natural psychic abilities and mediumship as it became clear that I was able to bring in lots of EVP voices and also to communicate with the Other Side.

In case after case, I have had wonderful readings with amazing people who dialed in to have me be the person reading them and being that link to the Spirit world who brought through relevant details and accurate information.

In one reading in particular, I brought through the names of key family members and accurately brought through family member after family member to give key information to my co-host during an amazing read that happened spontaneously while chatting online one night. That was just one of many wonderful memories that left me in the sheer wonderment of the lengths that the Other Side goes to so that loved ones can get the message they need, when they need it.

I remember, many years ago, in college, my computer science teacher called me in to tell me I had no chance of succeeding in the programming field and advised  me to go into social work or insurance sales. 30+ years later, I have to laugh as I look on a successful career that has seen me invent some key technologies that are still in use to this day and which came about because of my rebellious nature and sense of adventure in following my heart when others told me it couldn't be done.

In fact, nothing is impossible if you care enough to put the work in and make all the mistakes until you figure out what works. And so I've been a professional webmaster and have written some really cool programs that I can take a small sense of satisfaction from. For Mr. Broadstone ( I've changed the name to protect his privacy ), my old college teacher who said I couldn't succeed, all I can say to you is that I'm glad I took stock of what you said all those years ago and promptly ignored you and went on to succeed anyway.

Back to the present and to revisit an earlier point in this article; This very well known medium told me, on air, after putting in my time and living through the death of my father, seeing the Spirit world time after time in situation after situation and learning to connect to Spirit in an ethical and loving manner, that I should be a museum volunteer instead because I didn't have what it took to be a medium.

A museum volunteer? Really?

Well C, I have to tell you, I'm putting you in the same box I put Mr Broadstone all those years ago. Thanks for the input and to reveal to me that I need to remember who I am and that I need to ignore you and remember all the beautiful things that have happened in my work with the Other Side. You *almost* had me doubting myself and I did take the time to re-evaluate myself, my gifts and motivations for doing the work.

One of the most unforgivable things a medium, or one who claims to be one, can do, is to use suggestion and hidden messaging to leave a sitter ( the person being read ) doubting themselves. The point of mediumship is to put the personality away while you read and to be simply a channel for pure Spirit and to not manipulate people, but to simply be a telephone and pass the message on to the person whose heart we so tenderly hold in our hands.

To put it bluntly, your reading was mistaken and my conclusion is that you had either a really off-night, or you might have had some other reason for doing what you did. I've had my bad nights on-air and during a sitting with a person being read, but I've *never* made a person doubt their feelings and motivations (or their commitment to their chosen work) and I would be insulting myself, my guides and my chosen mission on this Earth if I did so.

What you did to me was to almost make me quit mediumship forever. Frankly, I hold myself more to blame for taking that reading seriously, but a skillfully delivered auto-suggestion, and that is what this was, can do a lot of damage to anyone if done in the right way.

And it took all this time and many interactions with Spirit to get me to realize I was doing work for God and not out of my own personal need to be a celebrity or be someone "special". There are a lot of great mediums out there and there is more than enough room for each of us to bring our special take to things and to heal hearts as our real reward. Reading is like breathing to me. I do not do well anymore if I am not doing it. So thank you despite your intent to see me quit, because you only made me stronger.

So C... Get ready, because I'm back and ready to read like never before ;>) Thanks for the chance to have me take stock. I looked deeply within and found I was doing just fine.

As for my dear friends who I've been away from for quite some time, I've missed you all. And I'll be back on the air before the end of September.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall 2012 update: I've been busy with getting things in order since the death of my father. A lot going on with family and health issues and I have settled into writing a book about all the experiences and things that went on over the past six years as well as a lifetime of mediumship and paranormal experiences...

Soulstream, my radio show, has been a real Godsend, helping others who dial in to talk with their loved ones, but also healing to me too. Losing my father was a real teaching experience as his death taught me so well what so many of our listeners and callers have experienced with the loss of their loved one. Mediumship is a healing tool for people who just want to know if their loved one has crossed over and is okay. And this is the most rewarding part of the work for a medium.

We're just messengers you know. Mediums make a contract with the Other Side to live in service to those who need that assurance that life is truly eternal and that physical death is simply a transition to a new realm of existence.

I'm set to finish the first draft of my book before the end of 2012 and plan to release the book before March of 2013. About the same time, I'm expecting to open a mediumship practice once I get through all the business licensing and legal requirements. So many folks have been wanting private readings, I finally realized I need to just make the jump and do the work and move to the next level with this.

I'm back to doing regular Soulstream on BlogTalkRadio on Fridays and Saturdays (it depends on my scheduling which day it will be) and will likely return to a two day a week schedule as life settles down and returns to normal.

Thank you for listening to Soulstream and being part of our community. You not only get to talk with your loved ones and bring meaning and love to your own life, but to mine as well. God Bless...


Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Mid-year review

The year has progressed quickly and what an eventful time we've had since our hunting season started in April. My father's passing delayed us for the first few months of the year and I've dedicated this years hunts to the memory of my father.

Approximately six years ago, I conducted my first investigation. It was at the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City and I caught a couple of EVPs and was so amazed by it all. What followed in 2007 and into 2008 was the establishment of what would become GRI (Ghost Rider Investigations - the paranormal research group I founded). I've learned a lot, made plenty of mistakes and have caught some amazing evidence supporting the notion that we are running into some sort of unseen phenomena that has kept me as interested now, in 2012, as when I first began investigating.

The point of this writing now is to summarize some of what I've learned over these six years and to pause and to gauge where GRI should go next.

Let's start with EVPs. Our stock in-trade evidence capture for the last 5 1/2 years has been to focus completely on EVP as the point of our investigations. While other teams went after other phenomena, we caught thousands of EVPs. And we found a lot were explainable and that a lot were not. You may have noticed that we have a huge number of these recorded on the site. Note that we have many more in our archives. What is the point of all of this? Why keep all of these?

The collection represents a large sampling of the phenomena of EVP under every possible condition. While we began with the notion that individual cases were all we cared about, it slowly dawned on me over the past year or so that we have a means of doing some significant generalizations from what has become a huge data-set. Meaning that we will be taking the EVPs, the photos and all the video and catalog this into a database to begin asking meaningful questions.

Now, before we go further into this, I want to point out that this is not a database to "prove" to skeptics that the paranormal exists or not. It is clear to me, after a number of interactions with some of the skeptical groups, that this is pointless, given their predisposition to automatically discount anything a paranormal researcher says or does.

So, the database is to serve our own needs and to satisfy questions about the phenomena for our members and for me as the  founder of GRI to make some observations about the nature of the EVPs, sightings, videos and data we've captured over this time frame.

The idea is to plan a number of missions based on a serious examination of what the database will tell us. And it should tell us where NOT to work too. So it becomes a planning tool and a tool to give us some introspection about our methods and to adjust our course for the future.

So now, the question arises; What can we say about paranormal phenomena for the time being? What are our gut-feelings and observations at this juncture? Let's talk about what we think about the paranormal so far:

The word "Para" has a number of meanings, but my personal favorite is "Beyond". So the Paranormal is that which is beyond normal. And we have established, to our own satisfaction, that there do exist phenomena that are "beyond normal" in the universe.

Since, until this moment in time, we've focused fairly exclusively on EVPs as a team, we can make some statements about what we are capturing and how we have been working to date:

1. EVPs are Electronic Voice Phenomena. That means that any voice or sound which we did not hear with our own ears but which was recorded and which follow certain recognizable criteria  can be called an EVP. Note that this is a generalization only to illustrate the point.

2. EVPs can be faked. We have taken great pains to insure that we have checked that EVPs captured are from sites that have been inspected and found to be free of potential and purposeful electronic broadcast gear designed to fool us.

3. Genuine EVPs seem to have a musical style to the voices captured in many cases. Others seem to speak in a scratchy voice that is still recognizable as speech. We have insured that many of these captures are, in fact, speech and are not audio-matrixing (patterns which can be interpreted to be voices when these are, in fact, random noise).

4. Intelligent responses form the basis of many EVPs. We have noted large numbers of captures that respond in the context of our conversations. This has happened so many times that we feel it is far beyond the realm of pure chance or can be classified as a play-back (non-intelligent) EVP.

5. Non-intelligent EVPs are also numerous and we have captured many of these over the years. We feel that there exists, in the natural world, the ability for minerals and other materials to capture and hold conversations, visual information and more. With the introduction of electrical stimulation (thunderstorms, etc), these phenomena then are played back and can interfere with consumer electronics, leaving an EVP on the device. We have no numbers to share on how many of these in sheer percentage exist in relation to intelligent responses, but will know more when our overall analysis provides the basic numbers after our database is finished.

6. Attempts to explain away EVP on our part have involved looking for radiation sources, radio and television signals and interference from electrical equipment or natural sources. We have even planted recorders 250 feet into a cave and found that we STILL recorded EVP.

7. So now we are left to catagorize the possible sources of these voices:

  a) People: Voices inadvertantly characterized as being EVP and which were not tagged during the recording. Could be purposeful or inadvertant.
  b) Electromagnetic imprint in the form of radio, television or other similar interaction either by accident or design.
  c) Genuine EVP capturing intelligent or playback phenomena.

8. And finally, we have to address what these intelligences could potentially be:

  a) "Ghosts" in the form of a self-reinforcing electrical or similar energy pattern that can affect electronics and also make it's presence known in the form of physical effects or by being viewed in the visible spectrum of light.
  b) Human interaction in the form of trickery, faking or for some as-yet-to-be determined reason.
  c) Some form of intelligence that we cannot, as of this time, characterize, but which does seem to be interacting with the devices and people who report these interactions.

To further characterize the interactions with the intelligent form of these phenomena, we then must infer that there is some value in the communication with humans, otherwise there would be no reason to even speak with us.

So, where are we after all of this observation?

The first conclusion is that we are, in fact, dealing with some sort of intelligence. Enough interactions have occurred on our cases that we feel we can safely say we are dealing with something that is quite aware of us and resides in or can affect our plane of existance.

Next, what are they wanting to speak with us for and how do they do it? It becomes painfully clear that we know precious little about this part of the equation, but what we do know is that there is a reason to speak with humans from the intelligent standpoint.

Furthermore, we can make the inference that the actual mechanisms of the communication are allowed by physics and thus understandable. Our experience to date implies (without proof) that the mechanism is by proximity, meaning that the entity or even the nonintelligent EVPs are generating the voices on our electronics from a distance. This does not mean, however, that we should discount the notion that this could not happen directly with our devices through actual contact. I believe that the answer is likely that both proximity and contact with the electronics are taking place in some form.

Secondly, the intelligent and unintelligent mechanisms at play here can and do affect our equipment. Over time, we've learned that layering our gear in the form of audio, video and EMF detectors, offer the best results and also help to screen out explainable phenomena.

Thirdly we've noted that keeping our minds open is great, but looking critically at the environment, claims and methods of our investigations provides the best means at getting at some form of the truth. Simply trusting what we are told or trusting the stories of others is not enough. We have to go in and let the events and evidence captured tell us the story.

Fourthly, what are the messages we are receiving? The data, once fully analyzed, will tell us a lot, but for now, we can make the general observation that many of these recordings seem to convey deep emotion and a sense of desperation in some cases. In a number of cases, these messages are historically researchable and do tie back to known personages and events.

Fifth and final obervation, we now are noting that our video gear is picking up EVPs with more frequency on the audio tracks and this begs the question: Has what we call "The Other Side" learned to manipulate our gear in such a way as to impinge messages and communications on the equipment with greater ease? This is something we are just now beginning to explore.

After six years of this business of hunting for that which is Beyond Normal, I'm left with more questions than answers. And we will keep looking at what we call the Spirit World. I'm just as excited now as I was when I got into this field.

One area that I'm now examining as a by-product of all of this is mediumship. This field is even more esoteric and filled with subjective data and yes, unfortunately, fraud, than paranormal investigation. And yet, in practice and with an honest and open mind and heart, it delivers results that I cannot explain. Can mediums be useful in investigation work? Can their claims and methods point us in useful directions? It is something I've personally embraced by taking a mediumship course myself and to practice it to see how it is done and to ask myself honestly if it does work. At this point, I am enjoying it and certainly am making no $$$ from it, but do feel that it does use areas of the subconcious mind that do seem to provide information from a source from which I cannot yet completely explain except to note that it does appear to be yet another means of communicating with the intelligences we are running into in our paranormal investigations.

This leaves GRI in the position of occupying a space that is both accepting of and skeptical of paranormal phenomena while embracing some of the most controversial practices that humans have practiced over the centuries. And it means that we will continue to be a target for those skeptical individuals and groups who do not accept that these phenomena occur. All I can say is that our future is tied to walking this tightrope and to keep it exciting and to keep asking questions... How else do you get to the heart of things? So, for those of you who enjoy what we do, come along for the next six years.

We've got some new ideas in the works and will focus on video, extreme environment investigations and much more.

The paranormal is a rewarding place to work. I intend to push it to the limit. Join us and we promise we'll keep it interestin

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring and Life...

I've been away for a long time, dealing with family business and taking care of family. Dad passed this winter and we feel as if we're waking from a long and strange journey. Much has happened. Much has been learned and much remains to work through.

Spring has spronged and our family is coming to terms with the death of my father. What was an insurmountable pain that consumed our days has become an acknowledged reality and it is enough to remember good memories and to incorporate those into our thoughts over and above the hard times.

It has been surprising to me to see how things have changed. In Dad's hour of need, I was so glad to see family pull together and row the same direction for the good of not only Dad, but ourselves as a family. For this, I'm glad. My deepest hope is that this continues forward.

I've been meaning to get back to my mediumship studies and also to work the ranch and begin examining where to go from here. My plans to begin readings are back on, but first, I'll be getting back to my meditation practices. The intent now is to just spend the next months re-establishing my contacts, getting back to paranormal investigation as a secondary line of research and doing what I love.

Health has been on my mind. Working out, maintaining positive habits and views are important new considerations. Years of being on call for trips to the hospital at a moment's notice are now over and we're focusing attention on our ranch and getting things back into shape. I'm heartened by the fact that we're making progress a little at a time and that we're going to be in a far better place by next fall. Plumbing, electrical, landscaping and more will all be on solid tracks to improvement. A lot of this will take time, but we're able to function now and in this, I'm pleased to say we're moving ahead.

And yes, the negatives are there. There are days, when someone passes, that you miss them terribly. These days are becoming less intense and less in number, but I always remember in the back of my mind who isn't with us. The trick is to remember, especially on this Easter day, that life is eternal and that I, of all people, know this to be fact with all of my research and forays into the paranormal.

Hope and sticking close with people you trust and love. That is the answer. We're doing fine as a family and you'll see more good developments in the near future.

God Bless...